Happy Bear Software

Development Team

Dorothy Wingrove, Senior Developer - Hove, UK

Dorothy is an experienced full-stack developer with a focus in relational database management systems. She has worked both on in-house development teams and as a consultant with multiple clients, giving a her a broad range of experiences to bring to bear on new client work. Alongside full-stack Ruby on Rails, Dorothy has experience shipping commercial projects with NodeJS, Python (DJango/Flask) and many other technologies.

Gabriel Hilal, Senior Developer - Porto Alegre, Brazil

Gabriel is an experienced consultant and full-stack Ruby on Rails developer. He has an extensive skill set, including experience with complex interfaces with HTML/CSS/JS, optimising database queries, well-tested object-oriented programming and configuration management for cloud-based infrastructure. In addition to this, Gabriel has worked as a network technician and systems administrator, adding a deep knowledge of operating systems and networking to his development abilities.

Kaitlyn Tierney, Senior Developer - London, UK

Kaitlyn is a developer and technology enthusiast. She started her career as a professional zoo librarian in San Diego, then did marketing and communications for a health care research center in Chicago, and has worked as a freelance writer and editor throughout her life. In London, she worked in the craft beer industry before transitioning into web development. She's worked on applications using Python (Django), JavaScript (NodeJS, pure JS, various front-end frameworks), and Ruby.

Esther Olatunde, Senior Developer - Lagos, Nigeria

Esther is a full-stack software developer proficient in Ruby, Rails, Java, Python, Android and JavaScript. She brings on board experience in building APIs, web and mobile products for startups, and is currently CTO of Tress (a YC-backed startup). She’s helped clients iterate through product roadmaps from MVP to growth stage based on user feedback and business goals. She loves learning new things and is obsessed with exploring Ruby internals, systems performance and optimization.