Product Ideas

By Najaf Ali

Things I do/am interested in

  • Space, Astronomy, Physics, Science in general
  • Japan, Japanese language/culture
  • Programming in C, Ruby and Haskell
  • Building fun things with microcontrollers
  • Science fiction novels, older the better

Idea Braindump

  • Arduino tutorial website, income from affiliate links to electronics suppliers and premium tutorials.
  • The same as above but marketed as embedded programming tutorials. More professional in nature.
  • Online Physics/Science learning resource with exercises, paid for like a SaaS.
  • Sci-fi novel review blog, money coming from amazon associate links.
  • Online novel-writing software, like Scrivener, could allow you to export your book as a PDF, various formats, manuscripts, epub etc. Built-in support for code samples? Easier editing/collaboration tools?
  • Data gathering software for clinical trials, trials that require survey forms completed are apparently done for the most part on paper. With the right marketing a simple crud app with an API could solve the inherent problems.
  • Scheduling software for consultancies, we could call it PersonDays.
  • Checklists, a web application that allows you to create/manage checklists. Focused on building processes rather than simple todo lists.

Ideas I've thought about a little more

Read Japanese Online - graded Japanese reading material

Grab real-life Japanese novels/short stories from Aozora Bunko (the Japanese Project Gutenberg), run each story of them through a morphological analyzer, grade them on difficulty and present them to Japanese language learners as a series of lessons. Sell it as a SaaS for say $20-$30 per month.

Productive Vim - ebook about the vim text editor

An ebook on using vim productively, covering techniques and tricks for making the most of vim for developing dynamically typed languages like ruby/python. Around 100 pages, sold for $30-$40.

Haskell For Rubyists - ebook about learning Haskell for ruby programmers

Ebook about learning the crazy stuff in Haskell geared towards ruby programmers who are already somewhat comfortable with a few functional concepts. Same sort of pricerange, $30-$40 for about 100 pages.

GetBooked - Like Highrise but for small freelancers (rather than professional salespeople)

Not sure how exactly this is going to be better than Highrise, but I'm thinking something a little simpler with a fun interface, a bit like freckle for your sales process.

Robot Tutorial Site - A site collating high-quality arduino/robotics tutorials

I like this idea! High quality tutorials, with clean code samples and an easily orderable BOM with affiliate links. More intense tutorials could be paid for via a SaaS model (like Destroy all Software).