Internet Marketing Resources for Bootstrappers

By Najaf Ali

Partly for my own reference and hopefully of use to others, a few resources for bootstrapped marketing that I've found useful:

Peldis Post On Startup Marketing

I put some of the blogger outreach techniques applied here to use while working on Japanalicious. I didn't do spectacularly well, but ended up with quite a few inbound links and more importantly, good relationships with bloggers in the niche.

Rob Wallings Blog, Ebook and Podcast

Again, reams of useful advice on doing software as a business. I found Start Small Stay Small to be a really good read, and would have paid triple the price without a second thought. Main takeaways for me:

  • Validate your niche before you write a line of code.
  • Email marketing, do it. It's a license to print money.

Anything by Patrick McKenzie

A.K.A. The Patron Saint of Solo Founders. Patrick is a wickedly smart and extremely nice human being. His blog is packed with useful info on marketing and doing business selling software on the internet, especially for engineering types like myself. His comments on HN are often very good reading.

Main marketing-related points:

  • Make content generation for marketing scalable.
  • Grokking conversion == having a money-printing machine

Beginners Guide to SEO at SEOMoz

For people like me to whom SEO is somewhat a ethically questionable black-art, this guide does a good job of summarizing the basics and dispelling a lot of the common myths.

Power Blogging Hour at MyGengo

Not much actionable advice, but the idea of setting aside time where you must blog appealed to me. Posting regularly gives you lots of opportunities to practice writing and is good for SEO, especially if what you post high-quality content!

Generic Blogging Advice at (Copy|Pro)blogger

I've lumped these two together as they're not specific to software business marketing but still have quite a few gems if you're not familiar with blogging and copywriting for the internets.

Any other suggestions in comments appreciated!