Gabriel Hilal works at Happy Bear Software

By James Forbes

Gabriel Hilal

It is with great pleasure we welcome Gabriel Hilal as a senior developer to Happy Bear Software.

Gabriel's experience is in the electrical engineering field; he moved to the world of web development in 2009. Since then, he has completed a BSc, and an MSc in Information Systems and has worked mainly with Ruby on Rails projects.

With such extensive experience in web development, he has in-depth knowledge and problem-solving skills to deal with all aspects of web development & programming, and will be a fantastic addition to the Happy Bear Software family.

I started working with web development in 2009, implementing pre-defined features in different projects and products. I enjoy programming, but after a few years it was time for me to move forward and become more involved in gathering and defining requirements.

The opportunity to work as a consultant at Happy Bear Software was the challenge I was looking for. I enjoy being part of the decision-making process, working directly with clients to discuss their needs and help them create the desired products. On top of that, the company has well-defined values that match what I believe in. Therefore, I’m sure that Happy Bear and I will be able to grow and have a great and successful journey together.

In his spare time - he loves to travel: having lived in London for a few years and had the chance to travel around quite a bit. He also enjoys cycling and going to the beach whenever he can.