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Core skills for full-stack developers


The word “web developer” means different things, depending on who you ask. We say that web developers are in demand, that they have high salaries, and can deliver huge amounts of value to a business.

For companies looking to solve business problems, this is the most valuable set of skills to provide:

Having these skills separately means you can work on one part of a line-of-business system. When you have these skills together, you can create systems from scatch that allow human beings to manipulate data.

With this skillset, you’re not installing plugins in other systems like wordpress. You’re not delivering a design for a web application without an implementation. You’re not just a “back-end” programmer that doesn’t deliver a UI.

Get these skillls and you can build inventory management systems, financial visualisation platforms, and e-commerce websites. You can organise any information a group of humans trying to achieve a goal need organised.

- Najaf Ali

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