Worried about getting your first job as a Ruby on Rails developer?

So you've taught yourself to code, finished a course on programming or otherwise bootstrapped your technical skills. How do you go from where you are now to professional Rails developer?

Finding a job as a programmer with no track record, no network and no social proof is hard. In this situation, the default strategy of spraying your CV and crossing your fingers will yield less than optimal results.

A better way to find your first developer job

I've learned a lot since I started in this industry and as a way to pay things forward I've written about all the strategies, tactics and techniques I've put to use to find work into a short e-book, densely packed with actionable advice.

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I've worked at venture-backed startups, bootstrapped businesses, multinational companies and huge government organisations. I've been through the job search and application process more times than I can remember and have secured offers for work at upwards of twenty companies in the process.

While I can't guarantee you'll find a job after following my advice, I'm confident that you'll be in a much better position after working through it.


"People often ask me how to get started programming professionally. Scratch that off the todo list -- there is nothing I could add to Ali's book. It addresses both the technical parts of leveling up as a Ruby/Rails developer and the business side of things. Trust the voice of experience: that's a painful education to get from failing your way forward. Go read it before I convince him to charge $50 for the book. "

Patrick McKenzie - Founder of Bingo Card Creator and Appointment Reminder, generally smart person.


"Having seen lots of budding developers at Makers Academy, I know that learning to code is only part of the job. You also need to know many other things: how to network, how to interview well, how to showcase your work, etc. Ali's book is great at teaching all of this. Before writing it, Ali gave a talk at Makers Academy on how to start a successful career. This presentation was rated as the most useful guest talk ever at Makers Academy. This book will certainly form a key part of Makers Academy curriculum."

Evgeny Shadchnev - Co-founder of Makers Academy

Here's what we'll cover in the book

You'll learn how to:

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- Najaf Ali, Chief code-slinger at Happy Bear Software