Ruby on Rails Web Application Development

We provide Ruby on Rails development services to companies, non-profits and other organisations.

Here are some the things we can do for you:

  • Build the first version of your web application idea.
  • Take an existing web application started by another team through to completion.
  • On going feature development for an established web application.

Our development service is not appropriate if you want on going support and maintenance or a security assessment of your application.

Reasons you should work with us

  • Hard-won experience. We collectively have almost half a century of experience delivering web application software.
  • No lock-in. You have access to all code on your project as we write it. You pay for one week (four days) at a time on your project. If for whatever reason you’re unhappy with the service you can walk away at any point, taking all deliverables with you.
  • We'll help you minimise scheduling risk. How long software takes to build is impossible to estimate. We'll help you minimise the inherent scheduling risk by breaking your project down into the smallest deliverable pieces and releasing them as they're completed.
  • We set aside time for honing our skills. We spend four days per week on development and one day per week training. We're constantly deepening our technical expertise and bring that expertise to your project.
  • We ship your features fast. We'll ship features on your project early and often, probably from the first day of our engagement. This is so that we can start iterating on your feedback as quickly as possible.
  • No middle-men. Your primary point of contact with us is the developer actively working on your project. This minimises communication overhead and helps to reduce misunderstandings about the schedule and project.
  • Constant communication. We adapt our feedback process to the specifics of your project. At minimum you will receive a weekly update email with details of exactly what was worked on. In addition, most clients have ad-hoc meetings for planning and prioritisation as and when required.
  • Remote and proud. We’re a globally distributed team. You might find us working from the U.K., Japan, Brighton, New Zealand, Brazil or wherever we happen to be. We’re available on demand via modern office communication channels like email, instant messaging and video call. This means we spend less time and energy on the commute and more on delivering value to our clients.

Clients we've developed for

The following is a selection of the clients that we've performed development work for:

  • Really English - An English language learning tool sold to Japanese enterprise clients. We helped to build a platform that brought together various software products behind a single unified interface.
  • JRPass - JRPass is an E-commerce website that sells the Japan Rail Pass. We provide ongoing development services to JRPass. Our work includes automating the printing of delivery labels, creating a cost calculator allowing users to visualise the savings of the pass and building various features aimed at making the site more profitable.
  • Cutover - Cutover is a startup building a product that enables large, diverse teams to plan, rehearse and execute complex events. This is implemented as a thick-client JavaScript app using AngularJS. We're building the back-end API for the JS client, working alongside their in-house front-end developers.
  • Pure Group - Pure Group provides consultancy and analysis services to the savings and investment industry. We built a tool that allows their clients to easily compare financial instruments. This involved importing data using ETL techniques, performing summary calculations and displaying financial data with a dynamic, in-browser interface.

Our development services team

If you decide to invest in development services with us, one or more of the following developers will be assigned to your project. The exact developer will depend on their suitability for the project and their availability.

Gabriel Hilal
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Gabriel is an experienced consultant and full-stack Ruby on Rails developer. He has an extensive skill set, including experience with complex interfaces with HTML/CSS/JS, optimising database queries, well-tested object-oriented programming and configuration management for cloud-based infrastructure.

In addition to this, Gabriel has worked as a network technician and systems administrator, adding a deep knowledge of operating systems and networking to his development abilities.

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Dorothy Wingrove
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Dorothy is an experienced full-stack developer with a focus in relational database management systems. She has worked both on in-house development teams and as a consultant with multiple clients, giving a her a broad range of experiences to bring to bear on new client work.

Alongside full-stack Ruby on Rails, Dorothy has experience shipping commercial projects with NodeJS, Python (DJango/Flask) and many other technologies.

Kaitlyn Tierney
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Kaitlyn is a rare breed of developer—she prefers each word on her screen to be just right, whether she’s writing English, Spanish, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, Hebrew, French, German, or any other language that’s captured her interest. From zoo librarian to Certified Cicerone, her career experience runs the gamut, but she’s recently transitioned a lifelong interest in technology into professional software development.

How to start working with us

1. First contact. Send us an email at [email protected] introducing yourself and your organisation.

2. Initial meeting. We'll set up a quick call with our founder to get a better idea of your problem space and requirements.

3. Soft proposal. If we're a good fit, we'll work with you to come up with a project plan and provisional delivery schedule/budget.

4. Signing papers. We sign a Master Services Agreement detailing the terms of our engagement and one or more Statement of Work agreements, specifying details of scope and budget.

5. Project start. Once we've signed papers and agreed on a start date, we get to work on delivering software for you.

If you have any questions about our services that aren't addressed here then let's start a conversation over email to discuss further. We look forward to hearing from you.