I build web apps with Ruby on Rails and HTML5


Hi, I'm Ali, a freelance web developer with six years of experience building web applications for startups, SME's and multinationals.

Najaf Ali, as a developer with New Bamboo, has consistently provided outstanding service to my business.
Caitlin Trasande, Head of Science Metrics at Digital Science, Nature Publishing Group

MeritHard-won experience

I've spent the past six years building, shipping and maintaining production quality software for agencies, consultancies, e-commerce and other sectors.

In that time I've worked on hard problems with some exceptionally bright people and have that experience to draw on when working with freelance or contract clients.

Work Samples

SmileyHappy Clients

A very good developer with excellent skills and a good work ethic, we look forward to continuing to employ his services.

Martin Houlden, Owner at South Collective

His customer service is exceptional, and his technical skills and knowledge are top-notch.

Rebeka Fiona, Principal at RF Photography

More Happy Clients

ProcessorA Dedicated Generalist

I specialize in web development with Rails and Javascript but I'm a fast learner and can learn new technologies quickly.

I have working knowledge of both battle-tested and cutting-edge tech and know how to put them together to solve problems and create things.

Gory Details

CalendarFlexible Process

The goal of having a good process is to give you as much control as possible.

Whether you know exactly what you want and have a fixed deadline or are still exploring your idea, we'll close in on a process that puts you in the drivers seat, every step of the way.

MailCommunication Driven

With regular updates and constant feedback, you'll never feel out of the loop on your project. I'm a big fan of Skype for video calls and for most projects I meet with clients bi-weekly at the very least.

PeoplePlays Well With Others

I'm perfectly comfortable working alone but I also work well within your in-house team or group of freelancers. I have a network of developers and designers to call on if your project requires it.